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ACHA Certified Private Transportation Service for Clinics, Hospitals and Doctor's Offices. Allowing Front Office Staff to Focus on the OFFICE! Eliminating the Dreaded Uber Call and Missed Appointments.

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Hospitals, Clinics and Offices

Our goal is to have vehicles dedicated to your needs. Patients lack of transportation is causing a very high rate of missed appointments. Costing facilities both time and money.


No More Uber Calls

Our client facilities were scrambling to find transportation for patients. This includes Uber and Lyft appointments. Front office staff was bogged down and wasting precious time on this issue.


Saving Time and Money

Most of our clients bill insurance for their patients transportation. This allows facilities to save money on both productivity and missed appointments that go unbilled.


Professional Driver Certifications

Our drivers are well qualified and go through a rigorous credentialing process. Customer service and safety are their number one priority.

- CPR/AED/First Aid

- Defensive Driver Course

- Drug Test

- Driving Records 


Clean and Comfortable Vehicles 

All of our sedans and vans are very well kept and inspected weekly for cleanliness. Looking professional reflects both well on RydeMed and our clients. 

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RydeMed Software

Our advanced scheduling software is operated by the facilities. Front office personnel simply input patients need for transport and it feeds directly into our portal, making scheduling seamless and efficient.

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