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RydePoint Transportation provides non-emergency medical transportation services with compassionate client care. Our team strives to deliver exceptional ground transportation services for a wide variety of non-emergency medical transportation needs. Our caring approach combined with our specialized fleet of vehicles and professional team can make your getting to your destination both safe and affordable.

Our Drivers are certified in CPR and trained to deliver the highest quality service in the industry. Call us today to book an appointment!



RydePoint Transportation was founded to provide comprehensive non-medical transportation to everyone in Hillsborough County, especially those who live outside the service parameters of government and other private providers. Our primary goal is to ensure that everyone who needs it in our service area is guaranteed quality, affordable, and convenient non-medical transportation, regardless of age, handicap, or disability. We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction and continually strive to surpass expectations and industry standards; we endeavor to set the industry standards for excellence.


RydePoint Transportation is a professional and compassionate non-medical transportation provider. To ensure that our clients receive the best service possible we perform and/or maintain:

  • Comprehensive background checks on all personnel

  • Random drug testing/zero tolerance drug and alcohol free workplace

  • All required licenses and permits to work in Hillsborough County

  • Insurance policies that meet or exceed county and state requirements

  • 24/7/365 service and live dispatch

  • All vans are approved by the American Disabilities Act to meet Department of Transportation standards

  • Uniformed drivers with displayed picture identification


RydePoint Transportation offers our clients the finest in non-emergency transportation vehicles, student and passenger vehicles ready to meet your specific Tampa transportation requirements. We can offer our clients the option of transportation in either a sedan or a van (some services are available only in vans). Our entire fleet of vehicles is compliant with the requirements set forth by the American Disabilities Act, licensed and insured under state and county laws.

All of our vehicles are air conditioned, clean, well maintained, uniformly marked, and can accommodate multiple passengers. We also provide vehicles designed and equipped to be wheelchair and stretcher accessible.

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